PTI Solutions


The solution high velocity or high administrative cost items.

This type of satellite storeroom allows you to reduce the costs associated to distribution of high consumption articles such as health-security (gloves, goggles, masks), abrasives, industrial furniture, welding articles, etc.

  • Average capacity of 45 different articles (up to 60)
  • Up to 1800 unit capacity
  • Custom configuration based on customer needs
  • Flexible configuration
  • 24/7 availability
  • Managed by 2 independant easy to use and reliable applications
  • Automatic restocking report by email to suppliers
  • Automatic consumption reports selected customer emails
  • Possibility of creating over 250 different reports
  • Possible interfacing of data to ERP software
  • Identification by PIN or employee card (barcode or proximity)
  • Possiblility to restrict items

Main advantages

  • Reduction of costs
  • Consumption control and accountability
  • Productivity of labour
  • Reduction of inventories


Using the DistriMagTM to order products directly from your suppliers

  • Virtual catalogue of up to 5000 items
  • Works with the DistriMag or autonomously
  • Custom configuration
  • Reduces inventory
  • Reduces transactions
  • Simplifies the supply process


The solution for oversized and specialized articles

This type of satellite storeroom is an automated locker system connected to and controlled by DistriMag. It allows for the distribution of articles that are oversized or heavy. It offers the same benefits as the DistriMag and also allows for more products to be distributed at a time.

  • Solid structure
  • Standard model of 12 or 18 doors
  • Optimized for dispensing/heavy articles or in multiple quantities
  • Flexible configuration


The solution for stock management

The InMag is an inventory management module suitable for management

  • Receiving issue and transfer of shop floor consumables
  • User identification
  • Real time inventory
  • Periodic counts

>GoMagTM,GoMag+TM & MobileTM

The solution for dynamic management of shared tools

The Gomag controls, manages and plans the check-in/check-out of tools while minimizing management time. On top of tool management, the Gomag allows garanty management, the cycle of maintenance and the tracability of tools. It can be used with a lockers or PDA.

  • Controls check-in/check-out by employees
  • Controls of returns with tool status
  • Tracability
  • Availability of tools at all times
  • Preventive and periodic maintenance scheduling
  • Warranties management