Pti Solutions - Mission and values
PTI Solutions


PTI Solutions, a leader in Canadian industry and driven by new technological trends, is helping to optimize your business processes in terms of control, inventory and transaction costs reduction. In partnership with the distribution leaders, its dedicated and devoted team proposes to install in your environment simple, effective, adapted and innovative solutions.


To become the benchmark of innovation in the field of high technologies and automation in control, inventory and transactional costs reduction. The success of a business depends on building the foundations well.


Respect is at the heart of PTI Solutions' philosophy. Being and feeling respected allows each employee to feel good and create a sense of pride. Respect translates into concrete actions every day.

Mutal assistance

PTI Solutions supports mutual self-help. Altruism is a source of well-being and efficiency for all individuals.


PTI Solutions wants its employees to be honest. Righteousness and transparency are in order because any individual likes to deal with reliable people. This value is essential to success because transparency is seen as a competitive advantage.

Rigorous Approach

Rigour inspires confidence. PTI Solutions wants its customers to be completely satisfied. Its motto: "What you do, do it well. ".